Travel Information

Conference organizers recommend EURO TAXI company to get from Train Station Zakopane to WDW Rewita Kościelisko (discounted price for participants 35 PLN = 8 EUR). Once you have reached Zakopane, please call the taxi service (mobile +48 602 822 666) and specify WDW Rewita Koscielisko as your destination. The safest option is to order a taxi to pick you up from Zakopane railway station.


By plane
Warsaw Chopin Airport

is the main Polish airport, which means many travel options are available. If you choose this airport as your transit destination, we advise to take a train to Cracow or directly to Zakopane. You can buy your tickets here: Travel options from Cracow are described below:

Cracow Balice Airport (John Paul II)

You can fly into Cracow’s Balice Airport but like most Alpine resorts, get ready for a bus or car journey into the mountains. Roadways on the weekends can be a bit crowded, but the good news is that buses leave regularly from Cracow’s main train and bus station and take as little as two hours to get here.

How to get to Zakopane from Cracow Balice airport?

The cheapest way is to take a fast train from the Balice Airport directly to the railway station in the city centre: a rail bus reaches Cracow within 15 minutes. It starts off from a stop situated some 200 meters from the passenger terminal. Passengers may take a shuttle bus at the terminal or they may also choose to go on foot to the rail bus stop, as it is at a walking distance (only 330 steps). The fare is 4 PLN (1 Euro).

Next to the railway station you will find a bus station with frequently bus connection with Zakopane. The fare is around 20 PLN (5 Euro). It takes two hours to get by bus to Zakopane.
The easiest way is to book a private transfer from the Cracow Balice Airport directly to your hotel in Zakopane/Koscielisko (cost of ca. 8 EUR).

Cracow Airport Taxi is the only official taxi service at the airport

Phone booking:
+48 12 258 0 258, + 48 668 307 307

Call center is open daily from 6:00 to 22:00

Fares for distances over 29.9 km are settled with the driver prior to the ride.
Distance from Kraków to Zakopane/Koscielisko is ca. 115 kilometers

By train
Trains do manage to wind their way up from the valley and into Zakopane, but the journey from Kraków can take quite a long time, which is perfect if you need the rest after a long international flight or to finish that latest novel. If you need to get there a bit more quickly, grab a (shuttle) bus from Cracow instead.

Getting to the Venue:

In order to get from Zakopane to Koscielisko you can take a taxi (approx. 6 km drive) or a private bus company which basically departs every 30 min to Koscielisko (buses depart next to the railway station). The exact location of the Venue can be found here: REWITA WDW KOŚCIELISKO